Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

Open & Special WinnersAdvanced WinnersIntermediate WinnersNovice WinnersFine Woodworker WinnersAwards Definition

2018 Novice Winners
2019 Novice  and Youth Winners
Best Youth First place Reese Baldwin
Best Novice First place Richard Schlotzhauer
Best Novice Second Place Dale Sevig
Kachina Circle
Best Novice Third place Rebecca Heiser 
Sophie, the Desert Tortoise
Novice First place Relief Stan Blair
Novice First place Bark Kathy Stauffer
Novice First place Other Prill Neagles
Novice First place Misc. Thursa Stair
Novice First place Mentored John Drews

Novice First place Human Carol George
Novice First place Bird Patrick Montag
Novice First place Caricature John Drews
Novice First place Abstract & Other James Gardapee
Best of Novice Second place Alan Dahnke
Best of Novice First Place Graham Fearnley
Best of Youth First place Reese Baldwin 
Swan Spoon
Novice First place Misc. Vicki Szczepkowski
Novice First place Other James Mann
Best of Novice Third place John Green
2020 Youth and Novice Winners
Youth 8 and under First Place Charlie Morrow Woodburned Dragon
Youth 9 to 14 First Place Winner Reese Baldwin Owl
Best of Novice First Place John Barham Cowboy in Tub
Best of Novice Second Place Bryan Goad Desk Scene
Best of Novice Third Place John Barham Mama Bird
Novice First Place Bark Carving Phil Atkinson
Novice First Place Relief Del Kasel Moon Lite Owl

Novice First Place Abstract & Other Bryan Goad Desk Scene
Novice First Place Misc. Thursa Stair Horses and Stage
Novice First Place Religious Cynthia Schwartz Long Hair

Novice First Place Mentored John Barham Bible and Church Mouse
Novice First Place Human Bryan Goad Know Yourself
Novice First Place Fish Cynthia Schwartz Swamp Creature
Novice First Place Bird John Burham Mama Bird
Novice First Place Caricature John Barham Cowboy in Tub
Novice First Place Animal Paula Jones Baby White Tail Fawn

Novice First Place Other Don Smith Bears Night Out
No Photo