Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

Open & Special WinnersAdvanced WinnersIntermediate WinnersNovice WinnersFine Woodworker WinnersAwards Definition

2018 Advanced Winners
Best Advanced First place Brian Sandwich
Best Advanced Second place Brian Sandwich
Pair of Doves
Best Advanced Third place Raymond Gearhard
Advanced Misc Second place
Advanced Misc First place
Advanced Human Second place Nick Day
Fine Woodworking Advanced Jeff Grossman
Advanced Fish Third place Sheila Hunter
Advanced ReligiousSecond place Joan Eerkes
Advanced Fish First place Richard Mann
Advanced Mentored Second place Joan Eekes
Advanced Mentored Third place Bitsy Borger
Advanced Religious First place Bob Orensen
Advanced Religious Third place David Rushlo
Advanced Fish Second place Butch Wright
Advanced Mentored First place David Friesth
Advanced Human First place Stephen Fitzgerald
Advanced Caricature Second place Jerome Berg
Advanced Caricature Third place Jerome Berg
Advanced Caricature First place Rob Armberger
Advanced Bird Third place Mark Erickson
Advanced Animal Third place Colleen Kelly
Advanced Animal Second place Colleen Kelly
Advanced Abstract Second place David Friesth
Advanced Abstract Third place T.J. Milligan
Advanced Abstract First place Jesse Nevin
Advanced  Relief Third John Miklos
Advanced Relief First place David Rushlo
Best Advanced First place Kathy Hagerty 
Praying for Dinner
Best Advanced Second place Mel Jackson
Wolf Robe Cheyenne
Best Advanced Third place Don Morris
Advanced First Place Abstract Jesse Nevin
Advanced First Place Caricature Don Morris
Advanced First Place Bird Kathy Hagerty see Best First Place
Advanced First Place Animal Kathy Hagerty
Advanced Second place Abstract Don Morris
Advanced Second place Animal Karen Berg
Advanced Second place Bird Denise Rowell
Advanced Second place Caricature Don Morris
Advanced Third place Abstract Sheila Hunter
Advanced Third place Animal Chris Pelikas
Advanced Third place Bird Raymond Gearhard
Advanced Third place Caricature Mel Jackson
Advanced First Place Human Mel Jackson see Best Advanced Second place
Advanced Second place Human Nick Day
Advanced Third place Human Sheila Hunter
Girl Holding Bunny
Advanced First Place Fish Butch Wright
Advanced Second place Fish Richard Mann
Advanced Third place Fish Jack Cochran
Advanced First Place Religious David Friesth
Advanced Second place Religious Mary Langious
Advanced Third place Religious Jesse Nevin
Advanced First Place Mentored Joan Eekes
Advanced Second place Mentored Ronald Applegate
Advanced Third place Mentored Susan Kleismit
Advanced First Place Other Valerie Connell
Advanced Second place Valerie Connell
Advanced First Place Misc. Valerie Connell
Advanced Second place Misc. Valerie Connell
Advanced Third place Misc. Joyce Hall
Advanced First place Relief Don Morris See Best Advanced Third place
Advanced Second place Relief Chris Pelican
2019 Advanced Winners
2020 Advanced Winners
Best Advanced First Place
 Raymond Gearhard 
American Crow
Second Best of Show
Best Advanced Second Place
 Michael Horwitz
The Big Leap
Best Advanced Third Place
Jesse Nevin
Protecting Her Flock
Advanced First Place Bark
Jeff Porter
De Zwen
Advanced Third Place Bark
Marl Paola
Advanced Second Place
Mark Paola
Mesa Verde
Advanced First Place Relief
Harold Ullery
Bull Elk
Advanced Second Place Relief
Jesse Nevin
Planning The Hunt
Advanced Third Place Relief
David Eerkes
Eagle Head

Advanced First Place Ornamental
Jesse Nevin
Forever Love
Advanced Second Place Ornamental
Sheila Hunter
Advanced Third Place Ornamental
David Eerkes
Chip Carved Plate.
Advanced Second Place Animal
Sheila Hunter
Advanced Third Place Animal
Gerald Lukionchuk
Ghost of he Mountain
Advanced First Place Animal
See Second Place Advanced Winner
The Big Leap
Advanced Relief Second Joyce Hall
2019 Advanced Winners
Advanced First Place Caricature
Jerome Berg
Tootin Rootin Cowpoke
Advanced Second Place Caricature
Bill Wallentiny
Aged Cowboy
Advanced Third Place Caricature
Shela Hunter
Color My Hair Face Lift

photo missing
Advanced First Place Bird
See American Crow at top of page
Advanced Second Place Bird
Michael Horwitz
Green Heron
Advanced Third Place Bird
Gerald Lulianchuk
The Neighbor Hoot
Advanced First Place Fish
Curt Carver
Green Muhamba
Advanced First Place Human
See top of page Protecting Her Flock
Advanced Second Place Human
Robert Sorenson
Indian Couple
Advanced Third Place Human
Rayma Melton
Holy Family
Advanced First Place
Advanced Second Place
Advanced Third Place
Advanced First Place Religious
Robert Sorenson
Skrzat (Polish Gnome)
Advanced Second Place Religious
Robert Sorenson
Scottish Santa
Advanced Third Place Religious
Charles Lahengren
Early Cross
Advanced First Place Miscellaneous
Valarie Cornell
Self Reflection
Advanced Second Place Miscellaneous
Valerie Cornell
New Year, New Friend
Advanced Third Place Miscellaneous
Valerie Cornell
Come to Dad