Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

Open & Special WinnersAdvanced WinnersIntermediate WinnersNovice WinnersFine Woodworker WinnersAwards Definition

Best intermediate First place Patrick Norwick
Best intermediate Second place Clyde Waterman
Best Intermediate Third Lynn Conner Langston

Elmer Whitecraft Second Bark
Syd Tyson Third Animal
Larry Craig Second place Relief
Prichard Schmidt Third place Bark
Dennis Beauchesne Third place Abstract
Joel Hawkins Third Place Bird
Steve Cullen First place Other
Hayden Jacques First place Religious
  Trepanier Third place Misc
Sharon Sikkoma First place Misc
  Tepanior Second place Misc
B.J. Cyplik Third place Religious
Richard Schmidt Second place Religious
 Gerald Lukianchuk First place Mentored
LaDonna Smith Second Mentored
Mark Moesher Third place Mentored
Bartley Beckert First place Human
David Hughes Third place Fish
Jeff Porter Third place Human
Robert Peterson Second place Fish
Richard Pals Second place Human
Doug Polson Second place Bird
Don Young Second place Caricature
Elmer Whitecraft Third place Caricature
Bill Miller First place Caricature
Gerald Lukianchuk First place Fish
2019 Intermediate Winners
Best Intermediate First place Mark Paola
Ole Bear Claw
Best Intermediate Second place Davis Eerkes
Best Intermediate Third place Mark Paola
Indian Brothers
First place Relief Jerry Boone
Gerald Lukianchuk First place Bird
Rebecca Portman Second place Other
David Hughes Second place Animal
Intermediate First place Bark Mark Paola
Intermediate Second Place Bark Elmer Whitecroft
Intermediate Third place Bark James Mann
Intermediate First place Relief Jerry Boone
Intermediate Second place Relief David Ester
Intermediate Third place Relief Larry Moen
Intermediate First place Bird Kirk Duck
Intermediate First place Fish Lyle Chrisman
Intermediate First place Abstract Dennis Beauchesne
Intermediate First place Caricature Richard Goodrich
Intermediate First place Religious Jack Younger
Intermediate First place Misc Judy Harrington
Intermediate Second place Mentored Gerald Lukionchuk
Intermediate Second place Misc Dana Trepanier
Intermediate Second place Religious Graham Fearley
Intermediate Second place Human Jerry Boone
Intermediate Second place Fish Harlan Aasheim
Intermediate Second place Bird Kirk Dyck
Intermediate Second place Caricature Mark Mosher
Intermediate Third place Caricature Graham Fearnlay
Intermediate Third place Misc Jerry Bobb
Intermediate Third place Bird Doug Poison
Intermediate Third place Fish John Dress
Intermediate Third place Human Elmer Whitecraft
Intermediate Third place Mentored Jeff Porter
Intermediate Third place Religious Alan Clark
Intermediate Second place Abstract Dennis Beauchesne
Intermediate Third place Abstract Dennis Beauchesne
Intermediate First place Animal Kyle Chrisman
Intermediate Second place Animal Dick Pomeroy
Intermediate Third place Animal Dick Pomeroy
2020 Intermediate Winners
2018 Intermediate Winners
Best of Intermediate First Place 
David Tomter
Diamond Overlay Walking Stick
Best of Intermediate Second Place
Paul Baldwin
Dog Boston
Best of Intermediate Third Place
Lyle Crisman
Brown Trout
Intermediate First Place Bark
Jim Thomas
Whimsical Condo
Intermediate Second Place Bark
John Drews
Cheyenne Dog Soldier
Intermediate Third Place Bark
Jim Thomas
Big House
Intermediate First Place Relief 
Bob Sharkey
See the Light
Intermediate Second Place Relief
Larry Koshak
Cabin on Shore
Intermediate Third Place Relief
Andrea Morrish
Safe Haven
Intermediate First Place Abstract
David Tomter
See Best of Intermediate at top of page
Intermediate Second Place Abstract
David Tomter
Oden Viking God
Intermediate Third Place Abstract
Dan Baldwin
Intermediate First Place Animal
See SecondPlace Best of Intermdeiate
at top of page
Intermediate Second Place Animal
Richard Pomery
Intermediate Third Place Animal
Richard Pomery
Dying Lion of Lucerne
Intermediate First Place Caricature
John Drews
Desk Scene
Intermediate Second Place Caricature
Jerry Chapman
Intermediate Third Place Caricature
John Drews
Stinker Stew
Intermediate First Place Bird
Kirk Dyck
Yellow Legs
Intermediate Second Place Bird
Alan Dahnke
Saw Whet Owl
Intermediate Third Place Bird
Jmi Burtner
Redhead Drake
Intermediate Third Place Fish
Steeve Dibble
Intermediate First Place Human
Jerry Boone
His & Hers Torso
Intermediate Second Place Human
Ivyl Taylor
Ballet Dancer
Intermediate Third Place Human
Daniel Pratt
Chief Head Bust
Best of Intermediate Third Place, First Place Fish
Lyle Crisman
Brown Trout
Intermediate First Place Relief 
Bob Sharkey
See the Light
Intermediate Third Place Fish
Harold Babb
Rainbow Trout
Intermediate First Place Religious
John Drews
Raven Messenger
Intermediate Second Place Religious
John Drews
Santa Ornament
Intermediate Third Place Religious
Jerry Boone
Spirit of Notra Dame
Intermediate First Place Mentored
Marcus Pederson
Old Folks at the Pool
Intermediate Second Place Mentored
John Drews
Santa Claus
Intermediate Third Place Mentored
Bobby Gray
Black Bear
Intermediate First Place Miscellaneous
Dana Trepanier
Indian Woodburning
Intermediate Second Place Miscellaneous
Dana Trepanier
Gorilla Woodburning
Intermediate Third Place Miscellaneous
Sharon Sikkema
General Store Woodburning
Intermediate First Place Other
Prill Neagles
Feather Goard
Intermediate Second Place Other
David Linth
Polar Bear & Cub