Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

Competition Rules
1.It is the responsibility of each participant to enter his/her works in the appropriate category and level of competition. Please read this information carefully and consult with the show committee at registration if you have questions.

Note: Preregistration entry forms should be postmarked by February 1st. You should receive          your preregistration package shortly after the 1st if not before. Preregistration requests          received after February 1st, or forms from outside the continental US will at the                            information table during Friday registration. 

2. Carving and Wood Sculpture entries are limited to:
  •     Carvings completed within the last two years
  •     Carvings that have not won a first place, "Best in Group", or "Best in Show" in a previous Desert Woodcarving Show.
  •     Carvings which are entirely the work of the individual except for carvings entered in the Team Categories.
  •     Carvings made from duplicator rough-outs are not eligible, except for Rough-out and Mentored categories
  •     Entries must be made mostly of wood, except for entries in categories for "Other than Wood".

3. Rules for Fine Wood Working
  •     Projects competed within the last two years
  •     Projects that have not won a first place, "Best in Group"' or "Best in Show" in a previous Fine Working Show.
  •     CNC not eligible except in CNC category.
  •     Entries must be predominately made of wood.

4. Rules for Special Projects
  • Chairman's Challenge
                > The 2017 Chairman's Challenge is a Caricature Herbivore Mammal
                > According to the dictionary, Herbivore is the opposite of a Carnivore
                > Must be a 4 Legged Herbivore (Mammal)
                > Any Finish, any medium
                > Must fit in a 10 inch cube but not fit in a 6 inch cube
                > Must be original design; no rough-outs, or published patterns. 
                > Must be the complete work of the participant only; no mentoring
                > If based on a photo it must be the participant’s photo.

5. Re-classification of Entries
  •     Prior to judging, the show committee may change an entry to an alternate category if deemed more appropriate
  •     At the discretion of the show committee, a category with an excessive number of entries may be divided if a more equitable competition will result. In a like manner similar categories with too few entries may be combined.

6.Prize Awards
  •     Judges will limit awards if entries are not of sufficient merit.
  •     Any individual judge may give an honorable mention award
  •     Rosette winners or their designated representatives need to be present Sunday for the awarding of prizes.

7. Carving and Woodworking Levels of Competition:

  • OPEN:  Any carver or woodworker may enter. All entries who have won 2 or more Best of Show at the advanced level must enter at this level, see the Open Category page for a list of the Open categories. 

  • ADVANCED:  Any carver or woodworker may enter, except for those qualified to enter Open. All carvers who have won 5 or more Intermediate First Place Awards or 3 Intermediate "Best in Group" Awards at a Desert Woodcarving Show must enter this level. All carvers or woodworkers who have won any Intermediate or higher "Best in Show" Awards at a Desert Woodcarving Show must enter this level. Any carver who has won a Category blue ribbon or higher at the Open level may no longer enter Advanced Level in that Category. Please see the Advanced Category page for a list of Advanced Categories and Groups.

  • INTERMEDIATE:  Any carver or woodworker who does not meet the Advanced or Novice criteria. Please see the Intermediate Category page for a list of Intermediate Categories and Groups.

  • NOVICE:  Any carver or woodworker who has been carving or woodworking for less than 4 years and who has not won 3 Novice "First Place Awards" at a Desert Woodcarving Show. Carvers or woodworkers who have won any "Best in Show" Award or any Intermediate "First Place Awards" at a Desert Woodcarving Show may no longer enter at the Novice level. Please see the Novice Category page for a list of Novice categories.

  • YOUTH:  Any carver or woodworker under the age of 18. Experienced youth carvers and woodworkers are encouraged to enter higher levels of competition. Please see the Youth Category page for a list of Youth categories.

8. Participation in the Show Competition provides the Participant with one free admission for the whole weekend.  Ir is expected that Family and Friends pay the normal show entry fee.
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