Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

Novice Carving Categories
Youth Category Definition
The Novice and Youth carvings will be individually evaluated for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place ribbon awards by experienced local carvers selected by the show committee.   If sufficient time allows each entry will receive and written evaluation sheet informing the participant of the judges ideas of what was done well and what could be done to improve the entry.

Once the ribbons are awarded, the Best entry for each Category will be selected.
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Open Categories

Group - B Relief
  • B205 - Relief, any subject, any finish
Group - C Abstract and Ornamental
  • C210 - Abstract, (,no readily identifiable object), Ornamental Carving, Frames, Gunstocks, Furnature, Musical Insruments, Bowls, Plaques, Jewelry, Canes, Walking Sticks, Floral-In-The-Round, Chip Carving, Miniatures (Fits in a 4" cube including the base), Masks; any finish
Group - D Animals
  • D220 - Full Figure, Non-Full Figure, Carousel Animals/Menagerie, Interpretive or Stylized, all form, all finishes
Group - E Caricatures
  • E230 - Human, Animal, Birds, Fish or Aquatic Creatures, Other Whimsical entries; Full Figure, Busts, or Non- Full Figure​; all finishes
Group - F Birds
  • F240 - Waterfowl, sea birds, shorebirds, marsh birds, Working Decoy (minimal texturing), Game Birds, Songbirds, Miniature Birds (8" body rule), Interpretive or Stylized; all finishes
Group - A Bark Carving & Found Wood
  • A201 - Bark Carving & Found Wood two dimensional or tree dimensional presentation
Group - G Fish, Aquatic Animals, Amphibians
  • G250 - Fish, Other Aquatic Creatures, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Combining two or more Group G Creatures in a Scene; Interpretive or Stylized; all finishes all finishes
Group - H Humans
  • H260 - Full Figure, Non-Full Figure; Combination of two or more Group D animals in a Scene; Interpretive or Stylized; all finishes
Group - L Religious and Mythical
  • L280 - Mythical, Santa or Mrs Santa Claus, Religious figure and/or group, Katchina, Religious Crosses, Gnomes; all finishes
Group - M Miscellaneous
  • M290 - Team Carving - 2 or more artists carving and/or                       finishing the same entry, Wood Burning,or any other             entry that does not fit into another category
Group - N Other Than Wood
  • N295 - Any entries not predominately made of wood
Group - IAC Religious and Mythical
    > A Mentored or Assisted entries are done in a seminar or under the guidance 
       of a paid or professional instructor
    > A Rough-out entry is made from a machine blank or other mass produced blank
  • L270 - Human, Animal, Bird, Caricature,Full Figure or Non-Full Figure; Miscellaneous/Other; All Rough-outs; all finishes
Group - Y Youth

Carving  and Fine Working
  • Y101   or FW100 - Up to 8 years old
  • Y102   or FW110 - 9 to 13 years old
  • Y103   or FW120 - 14 to 17 years old
Group - FW-210 CNC, Laser,  Manufactured items
Group - FW-230 Toys & Games
  • Toys & Models
  • Puzzles
  • Games & Game Boards
Group - FW-240 Turnings (Vases, Bowls,Plates, Pens, etc.)
  • Turnings Segmented
  • Turnings Center Work
  • Turning Face Work
  • Turnings Other
Group - FW-260 Miscellaneous
  • Musical Instruments
  • Mentored
  • Other
Group - FW-250 Scroll Saw Work
  • Intarsia
  • Fretwork
  • Other Scroll Saw Work
Group - FW-200 Art & Accessories
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Functional Accessories maximum dimensions 18" in any one direction
  • Marquetry / Veneering
Novice Fine Woodworking Categories
Group - FW-220 Furniture