Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale
Open to the Public and All Carvers, Fine Woodworkers and Wood Turners
A Judged Wood Sculpture Competition
Mesa Centennial Hall
201 N. Center St. Mesa AZ (SE Corner University Dr & Center St.)

The Desert Woodcarving Show and Sale is a judged wood carving and wood sculpture including fine woodworking and carvings other than wood. It is open to all participants and to the general public. The 2019 Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale will be held on March 16 & 17 2019The Desert Woodcarving Show and Sale is a judged wood carving, wood sculpture fine woodworking and carvings other than wood competition. It is open to all levels of participation from beginners to professionals, as well as open to the general public. Many participants have their work for sale and we have a number of Vendors selling tools and carving supplies.  Adult admission Fee is $10 for the weekend, Parking is free.

Saturday Hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday Hours   10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Show Committee:  

​   Lenny Sedlock

   Herb Miller

 Committee Members:
   Lenny Sedlock
   Vern Baldus
   Walt Blackmore
   Dave Friesth
   Bobby Gray

Web Site
   Dave Morrow
2017 Best of Show 
Fine Woodworker Winners
Chairman's Choice Award 

Double Trouble 
Jerry Berg

28th Annual Desert Woodcarving Show

Thanks to the efforts of Dave Ester and his show committee, the 2017 Desert Woodcarving Show had over 320 entries. The Show Committee’s experiment with a silent auction was quite successful as over 50% of the offerings were sold. As in past years we also had a good number of display, exhibitor and vendor tables during the event held in Mesa, Arizona. The inclusion of the Fine Woodworking competition added additional interest for the attendees.

Over 1,400 people enjoyed viewing the competition carvings and the silent auction offerings. Once again the show demonstrations were held in a separate area. The video screen projection offers both good visibility and the acoustics for the viewer audience. 
We had a record number of carvers entering the Whittling Contest led by Jerry Berg from the Southwest Woodcarvers in Tucson AZ.

Our thanks go to Steve Cullen, Dorothy Patton, and Jerry Chapman from the Arizona Woodcarvers Association who took charge of the youth soap-carving and found that many adults were interested in participating in carving soap!

George Pongracz, our Featured Artist this year, has been a mainstay for the local clubs for the past several years as well as one of our favorite suppliers of small starter carving projects. 


We’re looking forward to next year’s show on February 9-11, 2018. Due to its success the show committee has decided to continue the Silent Auction. 

In 2018 Debbie Edwards will be returning as Chief Judge and will be joined by Bob Travis and Josh Guge. Debbie and Josh will also be leading seminars the week before or after the show. For more information on the judges, seminars, competition categories and rules please see the competition section of the web site.

While we like to think everyone who participated in the 2017 Desert Woodcarving Show. A complete listing of the carving and fine woodworking winners is listed on the show web site
30th Annual

2019 Desert Woodcarving & Fine Woodworking Show

Important Date Change due to another LARGE event in Mesa, Az

The new date is March 16 & 17 2019 

Desert Woodcarving and Fine Woodworking show

Carvers tables with show judging at far right
Show entries
We used 72 bars of soap in two days
Club tables from around the state

We really want to thank our vendors who provide tools and supplies. Please support them, they sure support the show.
Last years show 2017
Mountain Woodcarvers
Tools, supplies and books
Buck and Sally

Basswood, Butternut and walking sticks
Airbrush tools and supplies
Woodcraft booth is carving "Jimmy The Carpenter" 
                               This is going to make a whole lot of chips

Moore Roughouts.
Drake Knives
Show Central
Category                    Place       Entry             Carver                           Title

Best/Open                 1             244-1            Madeleen Kloeber         Endangered to Extinct 
Best/Open                 2             243-2            Tyler Borg                      Boise River Mt. Man 
Best/Open                 3             204-1            Tim TerMeer                  Merlin 

Best/Advanced         1             134-2             Brian Sandwich             Mockingbird 
Best/Advanced         2             134-1             Brian Sandwich             Pair of Doves 
Best/Advanced         3             261-2             Raymond Gearhard      Meika 

Best/Intermediate     1             210                 Patrick Norwick             Parakeet in cage w/stand 
Best/Intermediate     2             237-1             Clyde Waterman             It's a Topsey Turvey World 
Best/Intermediate     3             150-1             Lynn Conner Langston   Speedster Cheetah

Best/Novice              1             326-2             Graham Fearnley           Indian Face 
Best/Novice              2             110-1             Alan Dahnke Wee          Viking Skoal 
Best/Novice              3             329-1             John Green                    Love is Foreve

Best/Youth                1             330-1             Reese Baldwin               Swan Spoon 
Best/Youth                2             330-2             Reese Baldwin               Cupcake 
Best/Youth 3

Advanced A Bark       1             192-2           Butch Wright                   Bark Lighthouse 
Advanced A Bark       2                                 Joyce Hall 
Advanced A Bark       3             256-2           John Miklos                    Gee Haw 
Adv/B Relief               1             121-3           David Rushlo                 Relief Painted Cowboy 
Adv/B Relief                2            265-1           Joyce Hall                      Autumn 
Adv/B Relief 3 
Adv/C Abstract/Orn    1             178-2         Jesse Nevin                     Predators 
Adv/C Abstract/Orn    2             226-2         David Friesth                   Sauky + house 
Adv/C Abstract/Orn    3             233-1         T.J. Milligan                     Heart 
Adv/D Animal             1             261-2         Raymond Gearhard         Meika 
Adv/D Animal             2             328-1-8     Colleen Kelly                     Mother Kangaroo & Joey 
Adv/D Animal             3             328-1-8     Colleen Kelly                     The Lookout 
Adv/E Caricature       1             119-1         Rob Arnberger                   Busted in Colorado  
Adv/E Caricature       2             218-1         Jerome Berg                     Take that Back! 
Adv/E Caricature       3             218-2         Jerome Berg                     Horse Sense 
Adv/F Bird                  1            134-2         Brian Sandwich                 Mockingbird 
Adv/F Bird                  2            134-1         Brian Sandwich                 Pair of Doves 
Adv/F Bird                  3            263-2         Mark Erickson                    Phainopepla 
Adv/G Fish                 1            246-2         Richard Mann                    Small mouth bass 
Adv/G Fish                 2            192-1         Butch Wright                      "Musky" 
Adv/G Fish                 3            260-1         Sheila Hunter                     Dragon 
Adv/H Human             1           251-1         Stephen Fitzgerald             The Burl of Maple 
Adv/H Human             2           182-2         Nick Day                             Indian Bust 
Adv/H Human             
Adv/IAC Mentored      1           266-3         David Friesth                      Horse
Adv/IAC Mentored      2           131-1         Joan Eerkes                       Horsehead 
Adv/IAC Mentored      3           208-2         Bitsy Borger                       Toe Jam 
Adv/L Religious           1          137-2         Bob Sorensen                     Danish Gnome 
Adv/L Religious           2          131-4         Joan Eerkes                        Dragon nursery 
Adv/L Religious           3          121-2         David Rushlo                       Santa Red Standing 
Adv/M Misc                 1           265-2         Joyce Hall                           Old Man 
Adv/M Misc                 2           265-2         Joyce Hall                           Fire engine 
Adv/M Misc                 3           438-1-8     Colleen Kelly                       Cigar box-Flower Bear 
Adv/N Other                1 
Adv/N Other                
Adv/N Other                

Int/A Bark                     1         237-1         Clyde Waterman                 It's a Topsy Turvy World 
Int/A Bark                     2         115-1         Elmer Whitcraft                   Lighthouse 
Int/A Bark                     3         250-2         Richard Schmidt                 House on Mt Side 
Int/B Relief                   1         143-1         Jerry Boone                        Venice Canal 
Int/B Relief                   2         180-1         Larry Craig                         Cowboy Getting Down 
Int/B Relief                   3         117-1         Jeff Porter                           Grape Leaf Spirit 
Int/C Abstract/Orn        1         210            Patrick Norwick                   Parakeet in Cage w/stand 
Int/C Abstract/Orn        2         129-1         Robert Watkins                   Plate with basket weave 
Int/C Abstract/Orn        3         205-1         Denise Beauchesne           Platter 
Int/D Animal                 1         150-1         Lynn Connor Langster        Speedster Cheetah 
Int/D Animal                 2         257-1         David Hughes                     Head Turner 
Int/D Animal                 3         198            Syd Tyson                           Go with the Flow 
Int/E Caricature            1         253-1         Bill Miller Witch 
Int/E Caricature            2         149-1         Don Young                         Rodeo Horse Retired 
Int/E Caricature            3         115-2         Elmer Whitecraft                 Branding 
Int/F Bird                      1         109-2         Gerald Lukianchuk             Ruby-throated hummingbi 
Int/F Bird                      2         231-1         Doug Polson                       Saw whet owl 
Int/F Bird                      3         241-1         J oel Hawkins                     Peregrin falcon 
Int/G Fish                     1         198-4         Gerald Lukianchuk             Small mouth bass & crayf 
Int/G Fish                     2         249-1         Robert Peterson                 Yellow perch 
Int/G Fish                     3         257-2         David Hughes                     Elizardbath 
Int/H Human                1         230-1         Bartley Beckert                    Ed 
Int/H Human                2         145-1         Richard Puls                        Sea Captain 
Int/H Human                3         117-2         Jeff Porter Holly King 
Int/IAC Mentored         1         109-5         Gerald Lukianchuk             Mamma's Boy 
Int/IAC Mentored         2         258             LaDonna Smith                 Horse Bush 
Int/IAC Mentored         3         125-1         Mark Moesher                    Indian Chief 
Int/L Religious              1         137-1         Hayden Jackques              Elf 
Int/L Religious              2         250-1         Richard Schmidt                Eagle Katchina 
Int/L Religious              3         220-1         B.J. Cyplik                         Marine singer 
Int/M Misc                    1         225-1         Sharon Sikkoma                Tree house 
Int/M Misc                    2         148-3         Dana Trepanier                 Wood burning 
Int/M Misc                    3         148-2         Dana Trepanier                 Wood burning 
Int/N Other                   1         136-1         Steve Cullen                     Model A truck (soap) 
Int/N Other                   2         142-1         Rebecca Portman             Gourden the Duck Hunter 
Int/N Other                   3         136-3         Steve Cullen                     Woodie (soap) 

Nov/A Bark Carving     1         184-5         James Mann                     Round House 
Nov/B Relief                1         326-2         Graham Fearnley              Indian Face 
Nov/C Abst&Other       1         110-1         Alan Dahnke                     Wee Viking Skoal 
Nov/D Animal              1         206-2         Frank Sansonetti               Eastern Collared Lizard 
Nov/E Caricature         1         240-3         Billy Bodnar                      General Bandelero 
Nov/F Bird                   1         176-1         Jerry Gray                         Loon 
Nov/G Fish                  1         268            Tom Hacket                       Mounted Trout 
Nov/H Human             1         238-1         John Green                        Love is Forever 
Nov/IAC Mentored      
Nov/L Religious           1         144-2         Dale Sevig                         Circular Kachinas 
Nov/M Misc                 1         114-2         Vicki Szczepkowski            Fighting Bulls 
Nov/N other                 1         184-3         James Mann                     Wild Game 

Youth/102                    1         330-1         Reese Baldwin                 Swan Spoon 
Youth/102                    2         330-2         Reese Baldwin                 Cupcake

Fine Woodworking

Best/Adv                        1        112-1        Leland Neyfeld                Case Steam Tractor
Best/Adv                        2        116-1        Jeff Grossman                Imagine That
Best/Adv                        3        116-2        Jeff Grossman                Childhood Memories 

Best/Int                          1        145-2        Richard Puls                    Chess Board & Pieces
Best/Int                          2        146-1        Larry  Emerson                Time Rolls By
Best/Int                          3        128-2        Bill Powell                        Winsor Chair

Best/Nov                        1        123-1        Geoff Levear                    Marimba
Best/Nov                        2        107-3         Darren Sipe                    Ukelele
Best/Nov                        3        132-2        Jo Mize                            Turning Lidded Box

And the winners are:
Attention Drake tool owners

Gil Drake will NOT be attending the show

He must stay in Washington state to deal with a medical issue

​You can contact him at his web site
Carvers and Fine Woodworkers
Project delivery is Friday March 15 between 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM